Hodgkins Photo specializes in Real Estate Photography. After 10 years of working at The New Haven Register trying to improve the photos which real estate agents would submit, I came to the realization that without proper training and specialized equipment, there was no way to improve the real estate agent's photographs.


My photography training started at Paier College of Art in Hamden, CT.

While at Paier, I was trained in the same zone system that Ansel Adams developed.


During the 35mm craze of the 1970's, I worked at Karber Photo in Hamden, and used the skills I learned at Paier to teach hundreds of people how to take good photographs.


I knew I could improve Real Estate photos by selecting a wide angle lens to capture an entire bedroom, a good consumer camera that could be placed on manual exposure, a high quality electronic flash, and a tripod that could be set to adjust for just over counter-top height.


The most important factor in taking a great photo is being able to understand how the camera chooses the exposure, or how light or dark you need the photo to turn out. Every camera made today has a light meter built in that judges the amount of light reflecting off your subject. The meter is calibrated to expect an 18% reflectance. Medium gray, green grass, red brick, or your typical asphalt surface are your average backgrounds.


    This is why my photos turn out better.