Let's focus on your goal:

You want to sell your home as quickly as possible.

Home buyers and sellers are using the Internet to choose a home to visit, or an agent to represent them.


1. Poor to average photos are not compelling! They will not get the buyer to come to your open house.


2. Every product you see advertised in print, or on-line is photographed professionally with the exception of real estate. From Cheerios to BMWs, we make decisions on what we consider purchasing based on the appearance of photos.


3. Hodgkins Photo will make your listings stand out from the competition by enhancing the quality of you homes' photo listings, resulting in more buyers visiting your open houses, and thus increasing the chances of your homes selling quicker.


    4. What can Hodgkins' Photo do for the seller?

    The more people who attend an open house, the more likely you are  to make a sale.

    My job is to make your listings stand out in the crowd.